RiverSide Electronics specializes in building and manufacturing high-quality electronics for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the country. Based in the Midwest, we embody midwestern values such as a strong work ethic, teamwork, and integrity. With 35 years of experience in electronics / manufacturing services, RiverSide offers sophisticated, unique designs to fit a wide range of versatile systems. As a passionate, well-outfitted electronic manufacturing company, we’re able to give our customers the hands-on experience that comes with much smaller companies with the comprehensive facilities of a larger operation. For expert electronic manufacturing services with an emphasis on customer care, look no further than RiverSide Electronics.

An Electronic Manufacturing Company That’s Built Around You

Our goal as an electronic manufacturing company is to build a quality product that’s easily integrated into assemblies all while providing excellent customer care. To reach this goal, we work closely with our customers to understand and meet their needs. Each customer is assigned a Customer Team who works directly with them to ensure they are getting exactly what they ask for when they ask for it. We’re always working to improve and develop Quality Improvement Plans to ensure we’re at the top of our game.

Since our establishment in 1984, RiverSide has grown to over 300 employees working in ~160,000 square feet of two advanced facilities and a network of companies, including RiverStar and RiverBend. Today, we offer a complete range of services for electronics manufacturing and electromechanical assemblies to complete a contract manufacturing project from start to finish.

Electronics Manufacturing Services for Any Project

When you choose to work with RiverSide for your custom electronics manufacturing project, you can expect expertise driven quality in all our services including:

  • Materials management that handle everything from supplier evaluation to component procurement
  • Prototyping for single assembly, full circuit board assembly, and more
  • Electronics manufacturing for high-mix/medium-volume and low-volume build productions covering all necessary operations for any given project including box-build assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies, electromechanical assemblies, ruggedized systems, and more
  • Product testing including defect analyzing, functional testing, burn-in processes, automated optical inspection, flying probe, and full in-circuit tests
  • Quality management is a commitment to ensure high standards and customer satisfaction are met with each RiverSide project
  • System integration to seamlessly merge subsystems into even the most finicky program designs
  • On-time delivery and order fulfillment for all projects including custom packaging, international and local delivery, and overall just-in-time and Kanban practices
  • Project management from the ground up and additional RiverSide perks throughout the process, including unmatched customer care and a passion for the industry

For high-mix/low to medium-volume production with custom, high-quality contract manufacturing services, RiverSide has the skills, facilities, and integrity to fulfill even the most unique project. With our quality-oriented production capabilities and customer-focused service care, you can expect a stress-free, reliable experience with excellent results no matter where you are located.

To learn more about our custom electronics manufacturing services or to start your project with RiverSide Electronics, contact us today at (507) 523-3220.