Understanding the Role of Ruggedized Electronics and Two Protection Options

In today’s modern world, we all rely on electronics for the vast majority of our day-to-day lives. From cell phones to cars, electronics find a place in almost every moment of our day as individuals as well as in commercial and industrial operations. Because of their comprehensive prevalence, electronics must meet a broad range form and function. However, because electrical systems and devices are vulnerable to damages from many sources both natural and manmade, it’s necessary to put as much thought into the construction of electronic casing as into the electronics themselves. This is why RiverSide Electronics is dedicated to the engineering and production of ruggedized electronics that stand up to a range of extreme conditions.


Ruggedized electronics are designed to prevail in the long-term even when exposed to severe winds, dust, dirt, rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures. For outdoor applications, ruggedized electronics are the most reliable option to maintain a long-lasting function.


How do we help electronic assemblies withstand extreme outdoor environments? Two options are with potting and conformal coating.




Potting involves filling a complete electronic assembly with a compound material like silicone rubber gels or epoxy resins. This protects the assembly from vibrations, shock, and elements like moisture and dust.


Consistently potting electronic assemblies is critical for protecting them. However, with so many variables involved, such as resin temperature, dispensing speed, and mixing ratios, effective potting can be a challenge. Luckily, the experts at RiverSide have a wealth of experience in potting electronics to help them withstand the harshest conditions.


Conformal Coating


While potting protects electronic assemblies, conformal coating helps to protect printed circuit boards (PCB) and their components. Conformal coating is a thin polymeric film that covers the PCB to protect it against extreme temperatures and airborne contaminates like moisture, chemicals, and dust. Because conformal coating is thin, it adds minimal weight while still protecting and insulating the PCB.


With our expertise and extensive ruggedized electronics capabilities, your assemblies can withstand the harshest conditions.  We can provide protective options that best apply to any particular application in the environment that your device will be exposed to and operating within. From the bilge of a boat to a coal fired power plant, we can help your electronic assemblies thrive. To learn more about our ruggedized electronics, contact RiverSide Electronics at (507) 523-3220 today.