Using Conformal Coating in Contract Electronics Manufacturing for Reliable, Long-Lasting Systems

Electronics are used in a wide range of applications, and because of this, they are exposed to many different environmental conditions. From humid basements to dusty fields, a variety of electrical components and assemblies must face harsh surroundings in the long term. However, because of the fragile nature of the vast majority of electronics, protective measures must be taken to keep electrical systems functioning at peak efficiency despite extended exposure to potentially-damaging factors. At RiverSide Electronics, our team of expert Engineers and Technicians provide contract electronics manufacturing services for well-protected assemblies that hold up to rugged outdoor conditions and other harsh environments.

Manufacturing ruggedized electronics that can withstand the many damaging elements of their surrounding environments is a process that requires specific treatment operations. Our contract electronics manufacturing services meet those requirements with comprehensive protective procedures, including conformal coating.


What It Is

Conformal coating is a critical treatment for electronics that need to withstand harsh environments. Primarily, conformal coating is used to protect widely used components like printed circuit boards, but it can be utilized to ruggedize a wide range of additional electronic components.


How It Works

A conformal coating on electronics is exactly what it sounds like: a coating of specific material that is conformed to the exterior shape of a component. RiverSide uses a thin polymeric film sprayed over a printed circuit board surface. This film is applied in less than 250 micrometers thickness, and the majority of our conformal coatings are applied as transparent for easier inspection and use of the electronics. While most often composed of acrylic, urethane, or silicone, the components of our coatings vary depending on what environments the coated components will be exposed to as well as the components themselves. Our processes coat and protect an assembly with silicone or urethane compound fillers.


What It Does

First and foremost, conformal coatings protect printed circuit boards and full assemblies from dust, moisture, fumes, and many other external factors. To some degree, coatings also protect components against harmful temperatures. The additional compound fillers also provide secondary protection from vibrations, corrosion, force shock, and other stressors. Working together, conformal coatings and compound fillers protect an assembly from a wide range of environmental damage.


RiverSide ensures that its ruggedized electronics are capable of standing up to extreme environments for extended periods without compromising quality and function. To learn more about conformal coating and other ways we work to ruggedize electronics, call RiverSide Electronics at (507) 523-3220, or contact us online for more information about our contract electronics manufacturing.