Circuit Board Assembly Testing

Electronics Product Testing Services

RiverSide Electronics provides full circuit board and electromechanical assembly testing capabilities – including testability recommendations, test development, and test execution. We perform circuit board assembly testing, system level integration testing, and thermal and mechanical stress testing depending on product requirements. RiverSide uses circuit board assembly testing to confirm product quality and functionality to provide a means of monitoring the critical stages of our manufacturing process.  While quality circuit board assemblies undergo a rigorous, highly-effective product testing process.

Circuit Board Assembly Testing

With our services, you can always expect thorough circuit board assembly testing including:

  • In-circuit test: (Agilent 3070) With an incorporated functional in-circuit testing software and in-system programming (ISP) of components, we’re able to probe printed circuit boards (PCBs) to examine shorts, opens, resistance, capacitance, and other basic information about the assembly.
  • Manufacturing defect analyzer: (Checksum TR-9) This secondary in-circuit test operates as a diagnostics tool to reveal any defects in manufacturing and components.
  • Functional test: Designed and built in-house, the RiverSide functional test software assesses the functionality of an application, basing results and case information on the software component of an assembly. Our test system capabilities include C++ programming, and Visual Basic.
  • Burn-in chambers: (Thermotron) With temperature and humidity cycling, environmental stress screening, and product life assessment, our burn-in chambers place assemblies into service simulation that forces failures to occur. This test reveals weaknesses and load capacities and is especially effective in evaluating the reliability of high-density semiconductor devices, burn-in printed circuit boards, and large capacity screenings.
  • Automated optical inspector: (YesTech YTV-FS) RiverSide AOI machines test boards and panels to communicate errors quickly, consistently, and accurately to the operator.
  • Flying probe: (SPEA) This test method is highly-effective for low-volume to mid-volume production, as well as prototypes and boards that can pose access difficulties.


For custom assemblies, reliability comes through quality materials, expert design, advanced production, and complete circuit board or electromechanical assembly testing. When you partner with RiverSide Electronics, you get tested and approved results for custom electronics manufacturing services across the country. Contact us at (507) 523-3220 or fill out an online form to get started today.

Test Services

  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Flying Probe – SPEA
  • In-Circuit Test – Agilent 3070; Checksum
  • Functional Test, ESS and Burn-In
    • Custom Functional Test (software & hardware development)
    • RiverSide functional test platform
    • Environmental Stress Screening – Thermotron ovens
    • Temperature and humidity cycling (-40C to +85C)
    • LN2 boost cooling capability-GN2 chamber drying/moisture purging