Materials Management for Circuit Board Components

RiverSide Electronics is experienced in supplier qualification, component procurement, and inventory management. With our strong relationships with component manufacturers and distributors, RiverSide Electronics provides complete materials planning, purchasing, and warehousing to maximize customer savings and minimize customer liability.

RiverSide customers take advantage of the vast purchasing experience and volume purchasing that result from years in the electronics manufacturing business and the pooling of circuit board components requirements. What this really means to our customers: more sourcing options, leverage to ensure reliable delivery, and lower cost for circuit board components!

Whether it’s for our customers in the Midwest or OEMs across the country, when RiverSide takes on your project, you can trust us to ensure quality right from the start with comprehensive materials management.

What You Get With RiverSide Supply Chain Management

Whether your project requires standard or specialty materials, our network of strategic materials suppliers is ready to help. With 35 years of experience in supply chain management, procuring circuit board components of all types, and complete inventory management capabilities, RiverSide is ready to take on your new project at any time. For OEMs and other customers in a wide range of industries, RiverSide is both an expert provider of custom electronics manufacturing and a highly capable materials manager.

With RiverSide materials services, our customers benefit from an often-overlooked set of key steps in the process, including quality sourcing, purchasing, delivery, and storage. Every step we take to guarantee the best quality product, even before we begin the manufacturing process, works to minimize cost and waste while maximizing efficiency and ethical practices. 

To learn more about our comprehensive electronics manufacturing call RiverSide Electronics at (507) 523-3220 or fill out an online contact form today.

Materials Management Driven by Experience

  • Sourcing from domestic and international suppliers for an increasing expanding range of materials
  • Complete supply chain qualification and management to ensure materials meet our high standards
  • Utilizing just-in-time delivery practices for waste reduction and efficiency
  • Complete set of EDI transactions
  • Utilizing XRF – X-ray Fluorescence Materials Analysis
  • Ensuring regenerative MRP with Epicor 10™ by Epicor
  • Utilizing Systematic Cycle Count to maintain inventory accuracy
  • Managing date-coding and additional material profiles
  • Managing and storing environmentally-sensitive components
  • Striving every day to meet high ethical standards with our Supplier Code of Conduct