Corporate Social Responsibility

RiverSide’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is demonstrated in the following areas: Employee Wellness; Community Involvement; Philanthropy; and Ethical Labor Practices.

Employee Wellness:

RiverSide Electronics’ Health and Wellness program creates, facilitates, and implements health and wellness events for all RiverSide employees to create a healthy work environment. RiverSide Electronics’ health and wellness vision statement is:

RiverSide Electronics’ Wellness Warriors are dedicated to providing all co-workers and their families education & activities to support positive attitudes, improved well-being, and personal growth. This will be achieved by utilizing the 7 Aspects of Wellness, leadership investment, open communication, and continuous commitment.

7 Aspects of Employee Wellness:

RiverSide Electronics’ Health and Wellness program strives to create programs and events in all 7 aspects of wellness: physical, social, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, and emotional. The 7 aspects of wellness are utilized in various wellness programs such as biggest loser contests, pedometer contests, photography contests, monthly social outings, educational presentations, luncheons, and fundraisers.

Community Involvement:

RiverSide’s Health and Wellness program encourages community involvement for employees’ improved well-being and personal growth. We have networked with local community members to deliver health and wellness presentations by welcoming local dieticians, financial experts, and university students and professors to speak on topics related to financial wellness, smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy weight, and top 10 items to have in every kitchen, to name a few.

RiverSide’s Health and Wellness program hosts community blood drives with strong employee and community participation. Employees annually participate in the Live Well Winona Community Challenge, which is a week-long event for community businesses to participate in different activities and sports to test teamwork, skills, and have fun! Some of the activities and sports consisted of a mud run, golf tournament, basketball shootout, euchre tournament, trivia challenge, and charades contest.


RiverSide has facilitated fundraisers for 12 local and national non-profit organizations including the following organizations: Alzheimer’s Association, Semcac, Winona Volunteer Services, American Heart Association, St. Jude’s, Lewiston Nature Preserve Project, Wounded Warrior Project, Lewiston-Altura High School FFA Club, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Winona County Ready Set School Program, American Cancer Society, and The Movember Foundation.

Ethical Labor Practices:

Child labor is prohibited per our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy on Resource Conservation and Renewable Energy:

RiverSide Electronics recognizes that its duty as a good corporate citizen requires conservative and responsible use of our natural resources as well as ethical disposal of our wastes. In respect of this duty, RiverSide will strive to:

  • Source energy from renewable resources where economically viable
  • Reduce demand for natural resources year over year
  • Reuse materials where a net carbon reduction can be achieved
  • Recycle all materials for which there is a viable market
  • Dispose of wastes in a manner that complies with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances