Customer Service

Each RiverSide Electronics customer is assigned a personal account team led by an experienced program manager who is that customer’s communication focal point. As such, the program manager directs customer team activity and works diligently to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition to the program manager, each customer team includes a materials and production planner, a manufacturing engineer, and a test technician. Together, these individuals provide full-service customer support.

The RiverSide Electronics customer team truly partners with the customer by providing top project quality management and the best possible service.

The customer team handles all aspects of the customer account including: documentation control, new product introduction, tooling, engineering change, delivery, test, quality management, and warranty. They provide personalized service and support through all phases of product build.

RiverSide Electronics knows that the customer team needs access to immediate support; therefore, we ensure that members of the customer team have direct access to all necessary company resources such as: purchasing, materials, administration, maintenance, information systems, quality management, and production. Using the customer team as a conduit, our customers are able to access RiverSide’s resources at all levels.

One of the customer teams’ primary responsibilities is to carry-on a continuous quality improvement plan wherein line return and manufacturing process yield rates are monitored using yield charts and defect parts charts. Our plans are developed using root cause analysis and corrective action on the manufacturing process “Top Hitters.” The customer teams publish the plans and seek to obtain customer participation in an ongoing effort to improve product quality.