Systems Integration

Providing Box Builds for OEMs Across the Nation

From the ground up, we work to develop and build sophisticated products for our customers in a wide range of industries. Because the high-mix/low to mid-volume assemblies we build are complex systems with specialized circuit boards and internal communication programs, we provide full electrical systems integration. With 35 years of experience in electrical systems integration and comprehensive electronics manufacturing services, RiverSide is your go-to for even the most complex custom assembly projects.

Without accurate, full electrical systems integration, the functionality of electronic assemblies would be disabled, at best. To utilize reliability and long-term quality, an overarching integration must be completed with skill to connect all the “pieces” of the finished final product. RiverSide is the one-stop-shop you need for sub assembly connections for your system integration.

Electrical Systems Integration

With RiverSide box builds, we take the build process through a step-by-step operations procedure, following our quality management program and adhering to the final demands of electrical systems integration. The basic process of system integration works to install subassemblies and components with the connecting routed cabling and wire harnesses, joining information pathways and part sections with input/output systems. With the exception of printed circuit boards, almost all of our products undergo electrical systems integration procedures including our electromechanical and box build assemblies.

With all system integration procedures, RiverSide uses common data format to eliminate the need for data conversion between application formats each time information is transferred. Our use of vertical silo integration and horizontal ESB integration for complex electronic and electromechanical assemblies allows RiverSide to deliver a finalized product to our customers.

Take advantage of RiverSide Electronics as a full in-house provider of comprehensive electronics manufacturing services for OEMs across the country, including our top-quality services like system integration, materials management, and product testing. Get started with RiverSide by contacting us at (507) 523-3220 or filling out an online contact form today.


  • “Great manufacturing expertise and knowledge for both PCBAs and electromechanical system integration.”
    – Electrical Engineer
  • “Excellent responsiveness from our Program Manager and her team. Great commitment to design control / management of change processes as well as accommodating last minute changes.”
    – Product Manager
  • “The people at Riverside are friendly, diligent, and attentive to the customer. I appreciate their responsiveness and good cheer!”
    – Commodity Manager