With 35 years of experience in providing electronics manufacturing services for a wide range of industries, RiverSide Electronics offers sophisticated, custom electronics to a wide range of industries and OEMs. Our manufacturing and production operations are tailored to meet customer needs with maximum quality focus. With RiverSide, you can expect consistency in production excellence paired with unmatched customer care for comprehensive electronic manufacturing services whether you’re nearby in Minnesota or half-way across the U.S.

RiverSide specializes in high-mix/low to mid volume electronic manufacturing. Because our manufacturing and production capabilities focus on the specifications and needs of the customer, our team is able to build exactly what you need without sacrificing quality or speed in the process.  A team of highly-proficient, talented engineers, technicians, and assembly specialists are trained in nationally accredited IPC workmanship standards and adhere to ISO standards in our electronic manufacturing practices.

Comprehensive Electronics Manufacturing

Primarily, RiverSide manufactures printed circuit board, electromechanical, box build, and panel assemblies in our 132,000 square foot, climate-controlled facilities, but we also offer extensive secondary manufacturing and assemblies, including:

  • Ruggedized electronics (electronics “vault” circuit board enclosure)
  • Low pressure molding (hot melt or electro molding using a Cavist system at 30 to 300 PSI)
  • Surface mount technology (Fine-pitch, BGA (1 mm), µBGA (.4 mm), 01005, X-Ray, automated rework, and automated optical inspection (AOI))
  • Lead-through auto-insertion (axial, radial, Zierick terminals, and DIP)
  • Conformal coating & potting (silicone, polyurethane, acrylic, four-axis robotic platform, 19″ x 19″ work area, repeatable to +/- .001 inches, spray heads with 360-degree rotation and tilt angle, dual dispense system, and chain conveyor to handle a heavy load)
  • Soldering (wave—no-clean & aqueous flux processes and selective soldering)
  • Vision based, screen printer Zierick terminal placement system integration (box-build, electromechanical assembly, final product packaging—assembly, documentation & software—ruggedized printed circuit board enclosure, and plastic, chassis, cards, cables, harnesses, and more)
  • Serial number tracking with barcoding
  • ESD-controlled environment
  • RoHs (restriction of hazardous substances)
  • Product testing (highly rigorous and comprehensive test capabilities)


When you partner with RiverSide for custom electronic manufacturing, you’re our priority, no matter the project size. RiverSide is fully-equipped with both the facilities and the experience to design and build the products you need with efficiency, skill, and quality customer care, all while adhering to your timeline and budget.

Realizing your project’s goals is as simple as contacting RiverSide Electronics today at (507) 523-3220 or filling out an online contact form to learn more about our electronic manufacturing services.

Special Application Equipment

  • Prototype to Production to End-of-Life
  • Water Wash Systems/No-Clean
    • Mixed bed de-ionized final rinse and saponification for no-clean residue
  • System Integration/Box Build
    • Final product packaging (documentation and software)
  • Conformal Coating and Potting
    • Conformal coating (Silicone, Acrylic, Urethane)
    • Potting (Epoxy, Urethane and Silicone)
    • Low pressure molding (Polyolefin and Polyimide)
  • Remanufacture, Service and Repair Depot