ISO 9001 Registration

Quality Electronic Manufacturing for Markets Across the Nation

We’re dedicated to providing quality electronic manufacturing services. The backbone of this effort is our quality management system. This helps us to ensure excellence in all of our printed circuit board, electromechanical, and box build assemblies.

We are ISO 9001 registered and adhere to a quality system that meets national standards for production procedure, facilities,  in-house training, product and material quality, and customer service. But we don’t stop there; we go above and beyond those expectations to meet our own standards for quality electronic manufacturing across the U.S.

Quality Management that Goes Above & Beyond

The primary goal of our quality management system is to continually improve the effectiveness of our processes and services while complying with industry standards and meeting customer needs with every project. When it comes to RiverSide, ISO standards are just the beginning of our quality management system. We’re expanding the definition of excellence in our electronic manufacturing services, starting with workmanship standards and our robust ESD program.

Workmanship: RiverSide instructors are IPC-A-610 certified trainers and highly capable of providing continued education to our team of engineers, technicians, and assemblers. Our expertise, in addition to our in-house lean and continued improvement plans, pushes us to always look forward with our electronic manufacturing practices and care for the people involved- both customers and employees.

ESD: Our electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention program is one of the core elements of our quality management system. Because ESD is one of the most damaging and common problems associated with electronic assemblies, it’s critical that our production teams take precautions to prevent this form of damage at all stages. Our teams use quality protective gear such as smocks and specialty shoes, and our climate controlled facilitates and conductive flooring, all to minimize any immediate or latent ESD issues.

Designed With You in Mind

In addition to a strong emphasis on continually improved workmanship and ESD programs, our quality management is supported through:

  • UL, CSA, TUV, and ETL inspection services
  • Processing data specific to custom products including First Pass Yield (FPY), Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPM), Pareto Charts, 8-D Corrective Action, and real time quality data collection system
  • Company metrics assessment (analysis of line return rates, Pareto charts focusing on top issues, and root cause, preventive, and corrective action based upon Pareto analysis)


We strive to continuously improve our systems from the ground up, whether that means bettering a manufacturing operation, improving specific equipment, or increasing workspace standards and customer service. To learn more about our quality management practices and our complete, custom electronics manufacturing services, contact RiverSide Electronics at (507) 523-3220 or fill out an online contact form today.

Process Quality and Systems

  • IQS Inc.- Quality Management Software
  • Defects per Million Opportunities (DPMO)
  • First Pass Yield and Pareto of Defects at Inspection and Test Gates
  • Regular review of Process Quality and RMA data at Customer team meetings
  • Route control of Serialized Assemblies at Inspection and Test-Subassembly to top-level serial number traceability